An Excellent Range of EDM Subcontracting Services

Precision engineering companies provide a wide range of services, and perhaps the most convenient are EDM services which are subcontracted to meet their clients needs. The best precision engineering companies will outsource the following services: –

Wire EDMfullsizerender-3

This is a modern process that has precision at the core of production. Using metal that is conductive, it is possible to offer excellent services with a wire erosion machine. The machine has the ability to handle a range of thickness and weights, as well as a large number of dimensions. Some of the subcontracting services that are provided include extrusion toolmaking, automotive, aerospace and general engineering.

Die Sinking EDM

There are hard materials that need to be manipulated by having cavities put in within them. The best way to meet these needs is through the Sink DRM process. It is able to work on aluminum, titanium, hardened tool steel and alloys which qualify as exotic. The only prerequisite required to ensure that the process works is for the metal to be conductive.

Drill EDM

Drill EDM makes it possible to produce holes with the use of electrodes. These holes can be done in a range of sizes through conductive metals. When the erosion area is small, it is still possible to use large components.

Micro EDM

For the production of small holes that are done using electrodes, it should be possible to subcontract Micro EDM services. These are able to work on a range of metals including tungsten carbide, titanium and hardened tool steel.

For all subcontracting service, look for a Precision Engineering company that has a distinct focus on customer satisfaction. Ensure that the company has excellent expertise on offer, and that those who will be working on your needs have years of experience. With a wide range of services, any needs can be met on time, and fit into the customers expectations.