The Engineering Mind

It is no secret that mankind, when compared to other animals that inhabit this earth, is quite fragile. It has lost claws and long fangs, is extremely susceptible to heat and cold, it has no endurance, no ability to fly or run fast. Basically, if it was12c42d744620ddc052e4510cbe7e526cn’t for the unique intellectual abilities that humans possess, they would be very low on the food chain.

Despite that, however, our species not only survived but it thrived and expanded till it populated the whole planet. It would be a challenging task to find places on earth where mankind hasn’t left its mark, for better or worse. Taking into account the fragility of the human body, what made it the apex being roaming this planet? Very simply put, its self-awareness and intellect.

Whilst the human body does not possess any particular physical prowess to speak of, its mind has made it stand out. Rather than depending on the environment to provide for his necessities he shaped it to suit the needs of the whole of the species. From the early beginning of human history there has been proof of men and women engineering any problem that they had. As time passed they were able to create shelter rather than to find it, provide themselves with tools to craft and build all that they required in order to ensure survival.

In many ways those were the early days of engineering problems, and in many ways they have become the foundation of modern society as a whole. The tools and technology have evolved with the passing of time, however each period has had its marvels of engineering. Even today they raise questions on how they were achieved: it doesn’t take a lot to realise that the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Colosseum and the Great Wall of China were all magnificent feats of engineering, even by today’s standards.