The Faces of Engineering

When an individual thinks of engineering, the first things that come to mind are, usually, beautiful buildings, monuments, skyscrapers and the like. And whilst of course they are a testament to the creativity and marvel of the human mind, they are far from being the only ones. Engineering takes many shapes and forms, from the simplest of tools to the most evolutionary of building, vehicles and technology design. It is, in many ways, what allowed the human race to fully dominate the planet and in some regards,brainstorming even mother nature herself. Engineering and all its aspects are one of the main arguments behind the greatness of human sense of wonder and its pursuit to surpass any obstacles.

It should be noted that engineering is what ensures the quality of life that modern society is currently enjoying. It is responsible for transportation, buildings, infrastructure, services. Anything that can be imagined works in no small part due to the engineering minds that conceived it in the first place. As far as careers go, engineering is one that has been and will continue to be indispensable for humanity as a whole. This is mainly due to the continues challenges that it faces as a species: from environmental issues, population increase, sustainable development, space travel and many other subjects.

Engineering has provided answers for problems in the past and there is no reason why it won’t continue to do so in the future. The very survival of the human species may very well depend on it, should a world ending event take place. Even now, engineers are trying to transform the vision of scientists into reality, whether it is something about life on earth or beyond the boundaries of the planet. New propulsion systems are being tested for ships, eso-skeletons for hard labour usage and military, environmentally friendly cars and countless other projects that aim at pushing humanity’s agenda.