The Right Cut with Wire Eroding

There are times that you need to make a cut with materials that are conductive and could prove dangerous. When this is the case, you must depend on a highly process, that puts safety first and does not compromise on the finakent-usa-wfi-30-wire-cut-flushing-edml result. Choosing a professional and experienced precision engineering company to carry this out should be on the top of your priority list. This is because it will be able to deliver excellent wire eroding services.

The wire eroding process makes it possible to cut through materials that would otherwise be a challenge to manage. A wire EDM machine can handle materials of various thickness, from something as small as 1 mm thick, to materials that extend beyond 400 mm in thickness. The same applies to the weight that can be cut through using this machine, including 30 gm going up to a heavy 40 kg.

The range of materials that can benefit from this process include exotic steel alloys, tungsten carbide, aluminum and titanium. Al the metal needs to be able to do is conduct electricity. Through wire eroding, a large number of industries have benefit as otherwise difficult to manage materials can be manipulated. Some of the industries that have benefited the most include motor sport, and particularly formula one, medical, satellite and even Atomic Energy.

The wire erosion machines that meet the highest quality standards have been fully calibrated to NADCAP. So what are the reasons that you should choose EDM when making your next cut?

  • You can work on very hard materials at a close range
  • Perfect find holes can be drilled with ease
  • Flexibility regarding the shapes that you can create, compared to using conventional tools

Wire eroding is a process that will simplify your work, guarantee you stunning results and transform your next project with ease.